When you use Vidli.me, you join a large community. Every new community feature on Vidli.me requires a certain amount of trust. By following these guidelines, you will help ensure that Vidli.me remains a pleasant platform for all users.

Sexual content / Nudity

Clearly sexual content such as pornography is inadmissible. Videos with fetish content are removed. Violent, cruel or degrading fetish content may not be shown on Vidli.me.

A video showing nudity or pornographic content may be permitted if it is primarily for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes and is not unnecessarily cruel. For example, documentation on breast cancer would be appropriate, but the posting of clips taken from the context of the same documentation might not be. By placing a context in the title and description of the video, the purpose of your video can be more easily understood by us and your audience.

We also work closely with law enforcement and report any form of child abuse.

Harmful or dangerous content

Do not post content that encourages other users – especially children – to take actions that could cause them serious harm. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may delete videos that are such harmful or dangerous actions.

Content that, in our opinion, promotes dangerous or illegal activities includes bomb-making instructions, choking games, the use of hard drugs, or other actions that may result in serious injury. Content that constitutes a dangerous act may be permitted if it is primarily for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes and is not unnecessarily cruel. Example: An illustration of the dangers of choking games is appropriate, while posting extracts from this documentation without context may be inappropriate.

Content that encourages users to engage in violent activities is strictly prohibited on Vidli.me. If your content encourages other users to commit violent acts or threaten others with serious violence, it will be removed from the site.

Hateful Content

Our products see themselves as platforms for the free expression of opinion. However, we do not support content that endorses or actively advocates violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation or gender identity, or whose primary purpose is to incite hatred based on these characteristics. The appropriate features are weighed individually for each content, and any content that is primarily intended to attack a protected group is considered a violation by us.

Violent or cruel content
No violent or bloodthirsty contents may be uploaded or published which are primarily designed in a shocking or sensational manner or which represent unfounded violence. If you upload explicit content that has a daily or documentary informative value, you should make sure to provide enough information to allow the viewer to properly classify your content. Never encourage other users to commit an act of violence.

Terrorist organizations are not permitted to use Vidli.me for any purpose, including recruitment. On Vidli.me, content related to terrorism is strictly prohibited. This includes content that promotes terrorist attacks, incites violence, or celebrates terrorist attacks.

If you upload content with terrorist content for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes, make sure you provide enough information to help viewers better understand the content.

Harassment and cyberbullying

It is not okay to post offensive content on Vidli.me. If a harassment degenerates into a malicious attack, you can report it to have the content removed. If users are just a bit annoying or annoying, you should simply ignore it.

This issue is very important to us. We are also happy to assist you by telephone with explicit cyberbullying and work together with educators if necessary.


Reckless behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, disclosure of other people’s personal information, or incitement to violence or violation of the Terms of Use will be taken very seriously. Anyone who is guilty of such an offence risks being permanently excluded from Vidli.me.


Respect copyright. Post only content that you have produced yourself or that you have all the rights to use. You should therefore not upload content from third parties.

Identity theft

Accounts created to pretend the identity of another channel or user may be removed in accordance with our policy on identity theft.

Children at Risk

Uploading, commenting or engaging in any kind of activity that pornographically depicts minors will result in the immediate termination of that account. In cases where any content contains representations of child sexual abuse, our team will report that content to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Content that is not suitable for infants must be made clear.

Vulgar language

Certain expressions are unsuitable for younger audiences. The use of sexual language or excessive obscenities in your content or related metadata may result in the deletion of the content.

Inactive Accounts

In general, our users should be active members of the Vidli.me community. If an account is inactive for an extended period of time, Vidli.me may deactivate that account without notice. Your account will be considered inactive if you:

  • have not signed you in to the site for at least six months

Invitation to violate the Terms of Use

Posting content that prompts others to violate our Terms of Use may result in the removal of the content, the taking of sanctions against your account, or termination of your account.


Date: 04.04.2019