Dear users, here we list further rules/terms of use for collecting Vidlis.

We developed so that you can earn points for great rewards by watching videos. Unfortunately, some people try to exploit such systems. Therefore, we have to take some precautions so that we can continue to offer you this service in the future.

Our system automatically detects violations of our Terms of Use. Depending on the severity of the violation, the affected account will be removed without warning. There is no claim against the Vidlis!

§1 Watch videos

Each user is allowed to watch a maximum of one video at a time. This also includes opening multiple videos on multiple devices.


§2 Watchtime

Videos may only be consumed in end users’ usual lengths. This means that, for example, 10 hours of videos may not be played. In addition, a daily playback time of 6 hours may not be exceeded for all videos viewed.


§3 Bugs/system errors

Exploiting bugs/system errors on the site is prohibited. This includes the use of programs/extensions/plugins which could block security features of


§4 Purchase of bonuses

Your Vidlis log will be checked by one of our employees before you purchase any bonuses. If there are no discrepancies, your order will be approved. If a breach of our terms of use is found, the order will be cancelled and further action will be taken depending on the breach.